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TY165-2 bulldozer is 165 horsepower track-type dozer with hydraulic direct drive, semi-rigid suspended and hydraulic assisting operating, pilot hydraulic blade control and single lever steering and braking control.
TY165-2 bulldozer is characterized by high efficient, open view, optimized structure, easy operation and service with low cost and reliable entire quality. It can be equipped with three shanks ripper, U-blade (7.4 cubic meter capacity) and other optional components.
TY165-2 bulldozer is applicable for earth handling in road construction, desert and oil-field working, farmland and port construction, irrigation and electric power engineering, mining and other engineer conditions.
It is the upgrade product of TY165-1 bulldozer.


TY165-2 Bulldozer Unit 165HP
Model TY165-2
L*W*H(Ripper not included) mm 5416*3442*3160
Operating weight(Ripper not included) kgs 17600
Engine Model WD10G178E25
Rated Power kw/rpm 131/1850
Grade ability(Longitudinal/Transverse) ° 30/25
Blade type Straight tilt blade
Blade width
Dozing capacity
Max. drop below ground of blade
Max. lift height of blade mm 852
Ripper type Three shanks ripper
Max. digging depth of Ripper mm 550
Max. lifting height of ripper mm 510
Min. ground clearance mm 352.5
Number of carrier roller(each side) 2
Number of track roller(each side) 6
Number of track shoe(each side) 38
Width of track shoe mm 560
Track gauge mm 1880
Ground length/Ground pressure mm/mpa 2570/0.061
Pitch of track mm 203
Forward speed km/h 1st 0~3.32
2nd 0~6.26
3rd 0~11.40
Reverse speed km/h 1st 0~4.0
2nd 0~7.57
3rd 0~13.87

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