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SAM Wheel loader

SAM857 wheel loader

Performance 1 Rated load 5000kg
2 overall weight 17100kg
3 rated bucket capacity 3m3
4 maximum tractive force 152KN
5 maximum breakout force ≥170KN
6 maximum grade ability 30℃
7 maximum dump height 3150mm
8 maximum dump reach 1250mm
9 overall dimension (L×W×H) 7920×3050×3400mm
10 minimum turning radius 6640mm
Engine 11 model Steyr WD615G.
12 type lnline water cooling dry cylinder injection
13 No. of cylinder-bore/stroke 6-126×130mm
14 rated power 162kw--2400r/min
15 maximum torque 860N.m
16 min fuel-consume ratio ≤215g/kw.h
Transmission system 17 torque converter Single-stage、two-phase、four-element (dual-turbine)
18 gearbox mode power shift, planetary structure
19 gear shift two forward and one reverse gears
20 maximum speed 38km/h
Drive axles 21 main reducing spiral

bevel gear grade 1reduction
22 decelerating mode planetary reduction,grade 1
23 wheel base (mm) 3200mm
24 wheel tread 2250mm
25 minimum ground clearance 450mm
Hydraulic system 26 system working pressure 18MPa
27 boom lifting time 5.95±0.2s
28 total time 10.95±0.5s
29 fuel tank capacity 300L
30 unction of leveling automatically yes
Brake system 31 service brake air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
32 parking brake manual parking brake
Tyre 33 type specification 23.5-25
34 front tyre pressure 0.4Mpa
35 rear tyre pressure 0.35Mpa

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