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Motor Grader

PY240M Motor Grader

Engine Model Shangchai SC11CB240.1G2B1
Rated output 175kw/240HP
Rated revolution 2200rpm
Max. torque 912/1400
Transmission Liuzhou ZF power shift transmission
Axle Rear axle Three stage driving axle
Front axle Driven axle, oscillating and steering front axle
Tandem box Oscillating tandem box
Brake system Service brake Full hydraulic drive
Parking brake Drum brake
Continuous brake Continuous brake
Frame Articulated frame
Blade Length * chord 4422*688mm
Cycling angle 360 degree
Max. angle of inclination 90 degree (left/right)
Max. depth in ground 470mm
Tires 6 wheels (20.5-25, 16PR)
Electrical system Working voltage: 24V.
The whole machine data Operating weight(KG)
With optional front dozer :20000
Overall dimension(L*W*H) Standard: 9400*2800*3550mm
Front dozer and rear ripper: 10900*2900*3550mm
Front dozer(optional) Width*height 2890*1020mm
To front axle distance 1600mm
Max. cutting depth in ground 205mm
Rear ripper(optional) Ripper width 2087mm
Teeth 5
Max. cutting depth in ground 315mm
Item Min turning radius 8600mm (central line of the outside on front wheel)
Max. tractive force 142KN/99KN (φ=0.75)
Max. climbing grade 25%

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